Product Application

Agriculture uses

AGRIWOLF – The soft blanked for the greens

The AGRIWOLF product of KURT NONWOVEN COMPANY, that is used in Agriculture is tear resistance against wind and has got high air permeability.

Inside the greenhouse the Agriwolf product increases the temperature of 3-5 degree. Due that fact the user can reap the crop 2 – 3 weeks earlier than normal ripening period. Thanks to the used high quality UV, the Nonwoven is not effected directly by the sun ligth on the open areas. Thanks to the used high quality UV, the lifetime of the Nonwoven is protected and increased by the UV additive material.

The possitive effects and protection of Agriwolf crop cover is:

Protects from the wind, harmful insects, animals, frost due the night and day weather change. The most important effect of this product is that the crops are reaped 2-3 week earlier than normal ripening period.

Agriwolf of weight 17g/m² to 50 g/m² is ideal for covering and protecting arable plants. After covering with nonwovens a microclimate a very favorable for vegetation is created.

The Nonwoven is produced as permeable to water ( hydrophillic ) for irrigation sprinkling systems and as watertight for drip irrigation systems.

The Agriwolf product can be also used as mulching. The width beginning from 0.80 up to 16 mt It has many advantages like as workmanship cost and easy spreading

ISO 9001:2008
Certificate No : 02-B-06-QMS 0002

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